2 days dental photography workshop

Aims and Objectives of 2 days dental photography workshop with Hands – On

Dental photography 2 days workshop is a Certificate workshop and it aims at encouraging every dental professional / student to take up dental photography in daily practice. 

To remove the misconception that dental photography is time consuming / difficult

(WE ENSURE that every delegate can make a good image in less than 5 seconds)

To Ensure that every participant gets a feel of DSLR photography

To Ensure that every participant gets a feel of FLASH photography

To Ensure that every participant gets used to Macro photography

To Ensure that every fundamental concept of photography is easily understood and

a good amount of  time is spent on practicing the concepts LIVE! 

To Ensure that every participant gets individualized attention

To Ensure that the participant can make satisfactory extraoral and intraoral images

To Ensure that the participant can do basic editing to make images more presentable

To Ensure that the participant is aware of all the latest concepts in dental photography 







Syllabus : 

( Course Duration approx 16 hours ) Includes extensive Hands – on

Summary: This course covers all the aspects that every dentist needs to know for basic documentation including protocols for various national and international accreditation programs.

Introduction to Cameras,

Photography Basics,

Introduction to Lenses,

Introduction to Flashes, 

Which equipment is THE BEST for dental photography? 

The Reverse Concept (Our Signature Lecture)

Know the DSLR camera

DSLR working

Know your camera

– Buttons

– Menus

Exposure Triangle

Shutter Speed 

– Aperture Value


– How to maintain a Balanced Exposure

– Histogram

What is Standardization? 

How to Maintain Standardization? 

Magnification Ratios,

Manual focusing techniques,

How to get the Sharper Images



Using intra oral accessories most effectively

Discussion and hands-on Views In Detail

Basic Editing like exposure corrections, composition correction, converting files and saving files for various purposes like online sharing or print.

BONUS : Outdoor photography session