Which is the Best Camera for Dental Photography?

PROBABLY The most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION and every dentist want to know which s the best camera for dental photography before making a choice.

Lets Face it… we have been lecturing for more than 4 years now.

We found out that most of the dentists do not know how to decide on which camera to buy for dental photography and hence we have come up with this free PDF, “WHICH IS THE BEST CAMERA FOR DENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY?”



There is NO doubt that DSLR cameras will always remain the GOLD standard in Dental Photography for many more years to come… The following FREE article will tell you why.

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Best camera for dental photography
The best camera for dental photography has to be light weight, efficient and economic


Canon has just come up with Canon 1300 D!!!!

(We strongly suggest that a dentist buys a Canon Camera to begin with because out of our personal experience in training more than 2000 + dentists personally we have reached a conclusion that Canon cameras were more easily understood and quicker to work with as compared to other brand cameras like Nikon or Sony. Moreover Canon accessories are easily available, are more user friendly and their service is just great! )


Coming back to 1300D

Questions doubts on dental photography
CANON 1300D is an IDEAL DLSR for dental photography owing to its light weight and Wi-Fi Function, BUY SINGLE LENS kit only in which ONLY 18-55 lens comes free.

WHY CANON  1300D is the ideal dental camera?

It has the following features that are a MUST have for any dentist:

  1. EASY to use (No wasting time during dental procedures, can be easily handled by dental assistants)
  2. LIGHT weight (Relieves you of those neck pain problems that earlier DSLR cameras had)
  3. GREAT SENSOR and super fast DIGIC 4+ processor
  4. Excellent image quality
  5. WIDE VARIETY of accessories available
  6. MOST IMPORTANT – HAS WIFI inbuilt with NFC !!! (You can show your patients the work immediately on a larg screen/ Tabet/ Phone using Canons Android/ iOS app!!)
  7. Its extremely ECONOMIC for INR 29,000/-  (Under 470 USD)
  8. Backed up by GREAT SERVICE from CANON!!


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