Dental Photography Testimonials

Testimonials By Delegates / Organizers on our dental photography programs

Niraj bhattDear Mayur,
You are a real inspiration for all of us. Your love and passion for photography reflects through your teaching. You changed the way i used to see through the lens. Orthodontics, my first love is about look more beautiful from tomorrow.

– Dr. Niraj Bhat
President,IDA Dombivli.

Viraj JobanpurtraDear Sir,
The best dental photography course I have ever attended.Extremely Professional, Great Content, Amazing Hands-on exercises and Delightfully helpful staff.

– Dr. Viraj Jobanputra
Orthodontist, Mumbai, India.


Aslam InamdarDoc Mayur,
I had done the DSD course by Dr. Christian Coachman in Goa 2 years back and i invested on a DSLR after that.I was lacking in the technical know how about the camera in general and dentistry as well. I came to know about dental photography school and i jumped on the first opportunity i got to learn about digital photography. i am very happy and thankful to DPS. It has really passionate and hardworking teachers. Photography has hugely impacted my dental practice. Quality has improved and patience are more happy. I am able to document all my cases well. Overall a very satisfactory experience. I highly recommend the course to others..

– Dr. Aslam Inamdar
Digital Smile Design Expert, Mumbai, India.


Riddhi AsundariaDear Mayur,
I did not know about DSLR till the first day of my course at Dental photography School. DPS has done a great job in teaching us right from the basics till advanced levels in digital photography. DPS has been extremely professional and proficient in delivering all that it can to teach us about dental photography. I am extremely happy I did this course. Thank you for all that you have done for me..

– Dr. Riddhi Asundaria, Mumbai
Post Graduate Student in Pediatric Dentistry.


Varsha RaoDear Mayur,
A picture is worth a thousand words.. This applies to dentistry more than any other field and what better way to do this other than photography… The dental photography school has simplified the art of intraoral and extraoral photography for me like no one else could have. I thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor training module. I highly recommend this one to anyone interested in upgrading their practice. All the very best to Dr.Mayur…

– Dr. Varsha Rao
Immediate Ex President, IDA New Bombay


Minal RuparrelDear Mayur,
It was a wonderful experience to learn from you. I never thought photography was so interesting.
I came with nothing but gained so much. You kept giving knowledge, without wasting a single minute.
Very few teach the subject with so much enthusiasm and you are one of them. I really thank you for creating so much interest about photography in a person like me who was not inclined towards it thus far.

-Dr. Minal Ruparel


Aashka JoshiI really loved the outline of the workshop as not only does it make dental photography simple but also the general photography simple with the fantastic basic principles taught in a simplified manner, which may otherwise seem pretty complicated. I am personally very happy with the workshop and I highly recommend this workshop to every dentist. Thank you Dr. Mayur for being very patient and a great mentor

-Dr. Aashka Joshi


Mansi ShahExcellent course, amazing learning experience, Lots of knowledge imparted in power packed two days Hands on exercise, very helpful for understanding the basic concepts of photography. Small group of participants ensured personal attention to all. Thanks a lot Dr.Mayur Davda for such wonderful course. I have learned a lot and it will surely improve my photography skills.

-Dr. Mansi Shah


Ketan KariaI have always believed that knowledge is power and I don’t miss any opportunity to be powerful. So how could I miss your workshop Mayur sir! It was amazing time and looking for even more days of workshop covering every minute detail. Photodontics would be one of the subjects of graduation curriculum sooner or later by your efforts. Happy learning to those who attend your workshops in future.

-Ketan Karia


Tushar BoraniaAttending a photography course by Dr Mayur Dawda is an awesome experience for me. I was interested in photography and art but didn’t fully applied to dentistry, but after attending the photography workshop I regularly apply it to my dental work. If I want to describe Dr. Mayur in one word is “Dedication”. One man show who gives new heights to dental photography..

-Dr. Tushar Borania


Shoaib SolankiI have attended Dental Photography Workshop on at Jamnagar; I would like to thank DrMayur for a wonderful course. After the workshop, I felt that dental photography is the most important subject in dentistry. it was fun with learning and we had a great outdoor photography tour. I am implementing & enjoying the techniques I learned during the workshop in my dental practice. Thank you very much sir!

-Dr. Shoaib Solanki


Neeraj AlladwarI am an Orthodontist practicing since last 15 years, usually I used to take photographs of the patients but after attending photography course by Dr. Mayur I came to know real dental clinical photography. The protocol was very simplified and easy to follow; also in depth knowledge of outdoor photography was also helpful. I would recommend every dentist before starting the clinic and every post graduate student in first three months of PG course should attend this course. Thanks Mayur!!

-Dr. Neeraj Alladwar


Nikhil PagareI am feeling great to express my gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge on photography and its immense importance in Dentistry. As you now, Photography was uncharted water for me and I have never dreamed of venturing into it. Not only your course covers all the aspects of Dental Photography which is indeed the USP of the course, but as a mentor you have done your job to perfection. Your insight, knowledge, advice, tips & tricks are unique and truly appreciable.

-Dr. Nikhil Pagare

Madhur KankariaThe Dental Photography school is the only institute Pan india that offers to teach the participants of their courses a high level of documentation. Mayur has a real talent for photography and he sets it up with a lot of hard work. His expertise,knowledge and skill in Dental Photography is unparalleled. His passion and love for photography often pushes us to raise our bar. This course is the complete package and i highly recommend it to every clinician looking to getting on the Lecture circuit/publishing their work.

-Dr. Madhur Kankaria