Our clinical photography workshop will add value for you in all areas of your dental practice. It provides straightforward answers to the most common questions about the new technology involved, right from advice on the equipment needed to get your photography techniques to the next level. An insight into good picture composition skills, the fine art of making use of light source, and proper use of lenses will help you in capturing the perfect clinical photos.

DPS workshops are designed to give practical understanding of the Digital Imaging process to the Dental Practitioners and their team & their application in your dentistry practice.


  1. Understand the key principles of photography.
  2. Understand critical elements of the camera system used for dental photography.
  3. Be able to follow standardized protocol and new guidelines for consistent, reliable and professional-quality photographs.
  4. Hands-on clinical lighting practice with diverse techniques and equipment
  5. Be exposed to high-quality digital extra-oral and intra-oral photography techniques.
  6. The advanced techniques in dental photography and lighting that will make your pictures prominent and help you make your dentistry outstanding.
  7. Tips and techniques on utilizing photography for enhanced patient communication
  8. Different lighting, subject poses, and props to make smiles look the most pleasant.


Learn the skills and techniques needed, implement the clinical intraoral skills necessary as well as developing the fundamentals to incorporate dental photography as a vital part of your practice promotion. We train you on how to take and manage photographs which can be used for promoting, documenting, evaluating, and communicating the key elements of dentistry, but most importantly to make emotional connections with your patients.

This practical presentation emphasizes the standardized protocol and new guidelines to be applied with dedicated practice for consistent, reliable and professional-quality photographs. Workshop director Dr. Mayur Davda will present an easy-to-understand system of how to use digital dental photography to get superior results, which can be immediately applied into your practice. You will also get to know the most current technical trends in equipment and lighting that images look exceptional.