One Can Avoid Some Common Mistakes While Documentation Of Clinical Cases

Five Most Common Errors That Are There In Documentation Are:

1. Taking Direct Intraoral Images Of Posterior Teeth … In This Technique You Will Always Be At An Angle And Never Perpendicular To The Tooth Or Quadrant In Question.

2. Do Not Stick Your Mirrors Or Contrastors Near The Subject. Keep It Far From The Subject.

3. Scratches On The Mirror Are There Because You Clean Them With Any Cloth / Cotton Or Tissue. Please Use A Micro Fiber Cloth Only.

4. Be Sure To Keep Your Body Weight Balanced And Not Come Onto Your Toes Or Bend Too Much While Making An Image. This Will Ensure Sharp Images

5. If You Are Following A Particular Protocol, Like AACD Protocol For Documentation, Do Not Hurry And Take All Images In 1 Appointment. Take 3 – 4 Images In 1 Appointment Only.

Do remember dental photography (for the patient) is also tiring !