DPS calendar

We are finally here with the finalists of our dental photography calendar 2017!!

The calendar was launched with an intention of collecting 12 best dental photography images and to use it as a tool to inspire dental professionals across the globe to take up dental documentation in their practices.


We received hundreds of entries from across the globe/ The images were judged on the following basis:

  1. Image metadata (EXIF details like settings etc)
  2. The aesthetic value of the image
  3. Difficulty level
  4. Relevance to the subject &
  5. Its potential to inspire dental professionals.

Out of all the entries 20 made it to the final round.

The judges has a hard time to select 12 best images out of the TOP 20 because all the images were absolutely brilliant with a solid concept.

The TOP images which made it to the much awaited DPS Calendar were made by:

dental photography calendar 2017
TOP 12 images for dental photography calendar 2017

The PRINTED calendar will be available with us in a week !!!

Cheers !!!